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Thailand Terror Attack Injures Several Police Officers

Car bomb Terror Attack. A car bomb at a military checkpoint blew up on Tuesday afternoon local time in the Muslim-majority south Thailand city of Pattani, injuring several police officers. 11.23 คืบคาร์บอมบ์ด่านความมั่นคงเกาะหม้อแกง อ.หนองจิก จ.ปัตตานี- มีจนท.บาดเจ็บ3นาย #SpringNews — Chu_SpringNews (@Chu_SpringNews) July 5, 2016 ไฟไหม้ด่านตรวจเกาะหม้อแกง รอยต่อ

Terror Attack: Indonesia Days Before Eid Holiday

A suicide bomber blew himself up in the early hours of Tuesday morning local time in Surakarta, Indonesia (aka Solo), according to Indonesian authorities. The attack, which occurred at a police headquarters, wounded one policeman but there were no fatalities. The police told the press

WATCH: Istanbul Airport Bombing: 36 dead, 147 injured

Watch the shocking footage of Istanbul’s Airport Terrorist Attack, the bomber is reported to have been shot by an officer before the suicide detonation. The bombing is reported to have killed 36 and injured 147, as reported by CNN. Bomber Detonates Bomb After Being Shot

Iceland Supermarket’s attempt to taunt NandosUK goes South

Iceland football team managed to equalise against Portugal in Marseilles, on Tuesday. The British supermarket Iceland Foods attempted to tease NandosUK over twitter with the post, @NandosUK “Unlucky lads”. Iceland supermarket seem to be oblivious to the fact that Nandos originates from South Africa, with

South African Fire Fighters in Canada are on a Wage Strike

South African fire fighters battling the blazes raging across the Alberta Province in Canada, have gone on a wage strike. A contingent of around 300 fire fighters were dispatched through Working On Fire South Africa – a government-funded, job-creation programme focusing on implementing Integrated Fire

These are the Countries where iPhones are most expensive

A report by the Deutsche Bank’s annual “Mapping the World’s Prices” for 2016, indicates that South Africa is the 24th country in the world where iPhones are highest priced and also the most expensive in Africa. South Africans are clearly paying too much for their