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Dramatic video: The moment SpaceX rocket exploded on launch pad

A dramatic video showing the explosion of SpaceX rocket in Cape Canaveral, Florida was captured on Thursday morning. The rocket was expected to carry Facebook-backed Israeli communications satellite, AMOS 6, to space on Saturday. The rocket was without a crew and exploded on its pad

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How to Stop WhatsApp From Giving Facebook Your Phone Number

Whatsapp has recently announced that it will share you contact number with parent company, Facebook. This will allow Facebook to significantly enhance its intelligence gathering initiatives and to send you targeted adverts, friend requests and more. What is all the fuss about? Many of today’s

NASA’s Juno Arrives at Jupiter To Lift Cloudy Veil

NASA’s Juno arrives at Jupiter to lift cloudy veil NASA’s Juno spacecraft has entered the unknown, penetrating deep into the radiation-filled heart of the Jupiter system in a bold attempt to unlock the secrets of the gas giant’s origins. This ambitious mission could completely reshape

Jupiter Juno mission: 5 facts you need to know (Video)

A Nasa spacecraft is about to arrive at the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter. The probe launched five years ago and has traveled nearly 3 billion kilometers to reach its destination. Entering into orbit will be fraught with dangers – but if