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WATCH: Gunmen opens fire at Police at Engen Garage in Diepsloot

Footage has emerged of a shooting that took place at an Engen service station in Diepsloot, Johannesburg earlier this month. It shows a suspect opening fire on metro police officers sitting among Engen employees eNCA reported that the suspects went looking for the officers and found

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Traffic cop pulls off lawyer – No fine issued

The driver of this vehicle is quite au fait with the legal requirements concerning the issuing of traffic fines. The driver repeatedly asks to see the officer issuing the fine, to view his training certificate and to view the equipment calibration certificate. The driver prompts

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Policeman runs head first through perimeter fence

Police officers give chase as home burglars make a run for it, suspects jump over a seemingly fragile fence in their escape attempt. In a display of bravery and commitment, a police officer ‘goes Juggernaut’ and runs head first through the perimeter fence in pursuit

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WATCH: Kidnap Attempt at Mall of the South, Johannesburg

Jennylee Jordaan shared her frighting experience which occurred on 26 July 2016 at Mall of the South, Johannesburg. Jordaan said, “a man tried to take my 2 year old daughter out of my trolley, when she noticed she didn’t know the person picking her up