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Charges laid against Thuli Madonsela by Jimmy Manyi

Jimmy Manyi has laid charges of contravening the public protectors act against Thuli Madonsela. Manyi accuses Madonsela of “investigating more ANC [African National Congress] corruption related cases than those of the public sector and opposition party”. Manyi, the Founder of the Decolonisation Foundation, laid the

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s words return to haunt the ANC

The respected Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu’s stern warning to South Africa’s ruling party five years ago returned to haunt the African National Congress (ANC) this weekend. Tutu’s admirers see him as a champion who, since the demise of apartheid, has been active in the defense of human rights. Tutu now uses his high profile to campaign for the oppressed.

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‘We asked Mbeki to vote for EFF’ – Julius Malema

Julius Malema and the EFF leadership went to former South African president Thabo Mbeki’s Houghton home to introduce the EFF’s leadership and campaign for Mbeki’s vote. “We came to ask him to vote for the EFF, because we do the same with everyone else,” Malema