South Africa chuckles at ANN7’s ‘Fart Hare’ and Other Gaffes

Gupta-owned News Broadcaster on Mulichoice’s DStv channel 405, Africa News Network 7 (ANN7) had South Africans chuckling when the words “University of Fart Hare” appeared on the screen instead of, the University of Fort Hare.

Apparently this is not the first time a gaffe like this has occurred. According to Channel 24 “this is just the latest on-air gaffe from the DStv channel owned Infinity Media that’s infamous for slip-ups which included a report that a ‘plane was shot dead’”. See this and more ANN7 gaffes exposed on Twitter below.

In their latest gaffe the channel displayed “Fart Hare” and this is how viewers and Twitter responded:

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