WATCH: Cheryl Carolus: Zuma’s Legal Costs are Over a Billion Rand

Former African National Congress (ANC) deputy secretary-general Cheryl Carolus says President Jacob Zuma must step down.

Carolus said that the president is dividing the ANC more than he is uniting it, and that he should do the right thing by stepping down.
Speaking in an interview with EWN, “I’m telling you, it’s over a billion rand, in legal costs,” Carolus said.

“All from one person – who should be the most exemplary citizen of this country – who has taken this country into the most divisive period of politics that the country or the ANC has ever seen or imagined.”

“That one individual can divide us – not around policies, not around values, but with misdemeanors that have to do with his own enrichment or benefit. Not one of them is a matter of policy or principle and I resent that,” Carolus said.

“That’s why I asked for him to step aside, and I stand by that. He must allow the ANC to re-find its real purpose and stop wasting all our time and taxpayers money defending him and his misdemeanors.”

Watch the interview with Eyewitness News

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