Nice terror attack: Truck driver killed 84 in Bastille Rampage: Convicted Criminal, ‘loner’ who ‘became depressed’ when wife left him

Nice, France terror attack killed at least 84 including children after truck driver ploughed into crowd celebrating in Bastille Day.

A truck, reportedly loaded with weapons and hand grenades, was driven on a pavement in Nice for almost two kilometers before police were able to shoot dead the driver known to be a convicted criminal.

According to Mirror UK, “The killer was identified as 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a French citizen born in Tunisia who was known to police but not on a terror watch list.”

Neighbours describe him as a “very weird loner” and father of three who had recently become estranged from his wife and had become depressed following the breakdown of his marriage. reports the Telegraph UK.

Watch Police Shoot Perpetrator