Poo~Pourri, Make the World Believe Your Poo Doesn’t Stink [Viral Ads]

These hilarious adverts are brought to you by Poo~Pourri, an alternative to traditional air fresheners.

The company’s comedic advertising stance has worked well for them. The first video listed below is entitled ‘Girls Don’t Poop’ and has a whopping 37 Million views. The second, later installment, is entitled ‘Even Santa Poops’ and has 15 Million views.

Each advert features Scottish actress, Bethany Woodruff in her star-making role (many people are calling her the next Old Spice Guy).

Girls Don’t Poop

Even Santa Poops

In 2007, Suzy Bátiz created Poo~Pourri in her kitchen. She used her essential oils background and entrepreneurial moxie to formulate a natural, effective solution to a universal problem.

If you’re interested in a bottle, you can have it delivered from takealot.