Those that have tried to have their TV licence canceled know that the South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) has a convoluted procedure in place. We were unable to find clear written instructions on the SABC website that pertain to the cancellation of TV licences.

Your statutory obligations pertaining to a TV licence can be found > here.

If you wish to cancel, you will need to complete the form below and also provide the following details:

  • The date from which you’re no longer using or are in possession of any TV set
  • An explanation of what happened to the TV set that was in your possession:
    • If you sold or donated your TV, you need to provide the new owner’s details (surname, initials, ID number and address) as well as their TV Licence number if applicable.
    • If your TV was stolen, you need to provide the case number under which the crime was reported to the police.
    • If your TV was repossessed, you need the store manager’s signature or store stamp on the affidavit.
  • You also need to confirm (via the affidavit) that you have no other TV sets

These need to be completed and sent to as a cancellation request.

Image credit: MyBroadband

The SABC reserves the right to dispatch inspectors to check whether you still have a TV or not. On its website, it says that inspector fees are R300 per visit.

Should a TV be found in your possession after the processing of your cancellation, you will be liable for the payment of TV licence fees as well as penalties.

If the matter ever goes to court, under the Broadcast Act you face a R500 fine on top of everything you owe, six months in prison – or both.

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