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Malema to ANC, “You can go jump into the nearest hell!”

Julius Malema slamed the ANC for saying that the EFF voted with a “white party” saying: “But you forget that you governed in a government of national unity, with the National Party. The murders themselves. You even made de Klerk Vice Preseident himself, a man who presided over the genocide of black people.”

“You gave the party minister of land, minister of finance, minister of mines. Sitting at these benches, there are people who come from the National Party. Who are you to educate us about white people…”

He added that Jacob Zuma wants to “enrich his family and himself and will never get the Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) vote” and that the ANC is “self-destructing”.

He went on to say, “Take your Ministers who are Instagram celebrities to go and vote [and campaign] for you” and closed off saying “You can go jump into the nearest hell!“.

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