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Jacob Zuma answers questions from Maimane on SAA, are these the answers you’ve been waiting for?

Mmusi Maimane poses questions to Jacob Zuma about South African Airways (SAA) and it’s revised leadership team, “…without doubt it’s become quite clear that South African Airways is in financial and operational difficulty, but all of this process of South African airways has been chaired by a woman you might know very well Mr. President, Ms Dudu Myeni. Now I’m interested to learn despite her very disastrous performance, she has led the airline to the absolute brink of disaster.

Im interested to learn and so is the rest of South Africa, what confidence do you have in her to be able to turn around an airline in such as this, or ultimately do you believe that she is the fit and proper person to be able to guide SAA to a more prosperous scenario. So I’d like to know what you think of her role in South African airways, seeing as she was not even nominated by Treasury.” Watch the video for Zuma’s response…

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