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Julius Malema speaks about SAA and answers question from Zulu LIKE A BOSS – “Bring it”

Julius Malema slammed the ANC in Parliament telling the ANC, “You have never won any case against us, because you are a group of people who can’t think!“, during his speech debating Dudu Myeni and the current situation at South African Airways. Malema purposefully referred to Dudu Myeni as Dudu Myeni Zuma throughout his speech.

ANC Member Zulu, confronted Malema about this, as the speaker asks if she may pose her question, Malema quickly said like a Boss, “Yes, bring it!

Malema responded to her saying, “You are blowing hot air, just exposing your incapacity to understand the woman issues. You want to pretend like you are a feminist when you are not. You are self-serving. Its all about you, so stop using your self-serving ambition and interest for power and masquerading as a [feminist] you are not!

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