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WATCH: Knife wielding teacher threatens pupil on school grounds

A teacher at Marlboro Gardens senior secondary school has been captured on video, threatening a pupil on school grounds whilst wielding a knife. It’s not clear what her reasons are but the video does indeed put the teacher is an unfavorable position.

The video was posted on Facebook by Xoski Moloele Dte, he posted the video with this comment: “Guys this is a teacher at Marlboro Gardens addressing a student with a knife in her left hand, she clearly states that she’s going to Stab the student. It doesn’t matter what the student has done but teachers should not be addressing students in this violent manner and she should not physically engage with any students by all means. Please share she needs to be stopped. Wow I’m in awe.

Some have come out in support of the teacher

Anastacia Stacia Baloi: “I know the teacher and she’s one of the best teachers at this school that really tries her best to steer black kids in the right direction.she gotten into trouble a lot of times by speaking up against racism in the school. She always tries to bring herself down to the level of students I’m not condoning this but worse treatment goes down in this school

Masego Brigitter Madiba: “She’s an amazing teacher! one of the best we’ve ever had at MGSS. She would never behave like this unless she’s really provoked. Trust me, all that anger comes from a place of love. I think that we need [to] get both sides of the story first before coming to any conclusions

Burhaan Fakir: “One of the best teachers in the school.

It’s alleged that the teacher has since been suspended.

Thobeka-Rare Magcai: “The teacher has been suspended…

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