Open letter to Margaret Van Wyk by Ruann Weidemann, “Sue daai bliksem/kat wat jou so verneder het”

Ruann Weidemann wrote an open letter to Margaret Van Wyk, who has gone viral after having accidentally shared an erotic photo, meant for husband Chris, with a hockey moms’ whatsapp group.

The photo was posted to the internet by a member of the group with hashtag #margaretvanwyk and soon became a trending topic on Twitter.

Dear Margaret, (an open letter aan onse #margaretvanwyk, Facegenoot 2016)

As a member of a somewhat sick society here on the tip of a beautiful continent, I want to go down on you, I mean my knees, and apologize for our evil behaviour earlier this week.

We’re the same group of people that crucified Pistorius and wrecked Joost. We are not individuals, but a deindividuated group of South African morons, sitting like confused boereworsies in front of our pc’s, while mamma’s in the kitchen where she belongs and boetie by die rugby besig om die kak uit die laaities uit te tackle.
Sundays we’re at church singing ‘God van yster en beton,’ and on Monday morning we’re driving to work hoping Bettie is wearing her short skirt again. We sing along to kak like Skaroemba and still believe that Jesus was a white man.

I apologize for our behaviour earlier this week, Margaret, but let’s blame it on Apartheid and the fact that we don’t care much about anything other than skinder, 7de laan, and cheap thrills.
I remember in Primary School. There was a bunch of shoes next to die rugbypale. A group of girls galloped like they do, and one tripped, doing a bollemakiesie right there and then, showing us boys that there is indeed nothing down there but textile. Everyone laughed, like we do, and the little girl cried like, well, a little girl. One called her a slut and ran for a while. I bet you’re doing the same thing right now, aren’t you Margaret, hiding from the world?

From the deepest part of my being I beg you to try and understand why we have done this to you. Deindividuation turns perfectly nice everyday people into internet bullies, and the bystander effect is us standing by and cheering it on (See the rape and murder of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese, “where at least 38 people in the vicinity witnessed the rape but had done nothing to help, which allowed the attacker to return to the scene and finish his killing.”) However, most of us just watch and laugh at this kind of stuff. We’re pussies, really, and heartless at that.
The truth is we want you to be shamed, and we want to tell our friends. We want to be a part of a sadistic group of internet bullies, because we want to be entertained. We want to know that there’s someone out there far worse off than us. It makes us feel just little bit better about our pathetic little lives.

We’re the same group of people who pushed that girl in High school to commit suicide. We even gave ou Henrie a loopdop that night he crashed his car. Ek wonder of die mense besef jy is iemand se ma?

What still surprises me is how we watch kaal tannies on the internet all day long. Hell, we even masturbate to it, but let’s not talk about that. We cry at night about dead friends and feel hurt when people judge our appearances. We have panic attacks and rescue stray dogs. We feed children and support oom Angus. But still, Margaret, we are not nice people. We are 100% willing to ruin your reputation and to break you down.

Be strong, maragaret. I wish there were a straight way out of this. Sue daai bliksem/kat wat jou so verneder het, of verander jou naam en gaan ver weg. Hierdie mense gaan nie verander nie. Just know that some of us are sorry, and we’re here to help. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

With kindness,
Ruann Weidemann