Comedian Skhumba blasts ‘haters’ over body-shaming backlash (video)

Following widespread footage of three Wits students who went semi-nude during protests on Tuesday in an attempt to quell violence between students and police, comedian Skhumba took to Instagram, ‘body-shaming’ the topless trio.

Three women go topless at Fees Must Fall protest (video)

Skhumba said that while he sympathises with #FeesMustFall protests, he found it distasteful that the women exposed their breasts during the recent, violent, demonstration at Wits University.

Please don’t show your boobs. When a boob shows, it should like a tennis [ball]. These females are showing hanging boobs that look like wet all-stars without shoe laces. Others have big tummies with silver stripes,” he said at the time, in Zulu.

A student with a silver stripe?” he asked. “With boobs hanging all the way to the belly. Please put your clothes on,” he added.

The clip has since been removed from his Instagram profile.

Twitter and Facebook users called for Skhumba to be taken off air for body-shaming women. Supporters kicked off the hashtag #HandsOffSkhumba, saying comedy should not be policed.

Skhumba then took to Instgram and apologised for what he had said, saying: “I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve offended. No harm was meant on that video I respect women and again I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart… I hope u find it in ur heart to forgive me,

This clip has also been removed from his Instagram profile.

In Skhumba’s latest video, that is bound to disappear from Instagram soon, he says “You know the funny thing about life is that when you do something great and something good, no-one says anything“.

He went on to highlight a wheelchair drive that he says he initiated, where “167 disabled people got wheelchairs“.

Can someone call me and say, oh you’ve done a good job Joe.” he added.


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Skhumba’s Wheelchair Drive