Die Eden Projek: A place for whites-only to make a ‘new beginning’ (video)

Jaqui Gary Gradwell has posted a video to YouTube in which he says he and crew, have started a non-profit organisation called Die Eden Projek. The group’s goal is to build a “whites only” settlement outside the Eastern Cape, in Willowmoore on a farm of about 2300 hectares, where “there is not a black person in sight”.

Gradwell says it’s an opportunity for “our people [whites] to once again, stand together, come together in a place and to make a new beginning. Where there isn’t a black man where you need to look over your shoulder and wonder when you’re going to be attacked, when your people are going to fall slaughter“. Gradwell also says that the country is on the brink of civil war, not that he has any idea of when this will happen, he adds that “his people” have experienced serious violent acts at the hands of black people in the past 20 years.