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EFF Shivambu speaks at SABC Comms Committee says Hlaudi is “the MacGyver of our days”

In Wednesday’s Communications Committee briefing by the SABC board in Parliament, Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) Floyd Shivambu had an opportunity to address Parliament and the SABC board. In his address Shivambu spoke of the conduct of the SABC board in light of the public protector’s findings, the fiduciary responsibility of the board and appointments made by the board.

Shivambu said, “On Mr. Motsoeneng, who I never go to meet with anyway. I see him on television saying that he gets out of all troubles. He’s MacGyver of our days, who [gets out of things] even when situations are very difficult. [I] want to see how [things] are going to pan out this time.

We should have an inquiry into the board’s inability to stabalise the management at the SABC. Because everyone else is acting there, we know that television goes hand in glove with acting but not at management level. Acting happens on the screens in Generations and all those things there but at management level we need stability. It can’t be for a very long time, this acting CFO, acting COO, acting executive of corporate affairs, acting special projects, acting everything. All those actors must fall.” said Shivambu.

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