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Hilarious South African impression of Clinton Trump debate in Afrikaans accents by Afrikaans4Dummies

Afrikaans4Dummies have uploaded their hilarious impression, of the 2016 Trump Clinton Presidential Debate, done in Afrikaans accents, to YouTube.

Afrikaans4Dummies is all about celebrating the hilarity of the Afrikaans language, “At the southernmost tip of Africa exists a little colony of dutch descendants known for their peppery sausage and racism. Afrikaans4Dummies celebrates the understated hilarity of our language which few people know contains an entire dictionary of laugh-out-loud hilarity.“, YouTube About.

We asked Afrikaans4Dummies why they made the video:

The video is captioned with, “When Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire reality TV host we all know and love, announced his candidacy for US President, nobody thought he would get far. We have always wondered, however, if he would have survived the first week if he had been a South African.“. Watch the video below…

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