Hover Camera the Self-Flying Camera Drone That Follows You

The Hover Camera Passport is a small, intelligent, autonomous camera drone that will follow you by tracking your face and body.

The done is encased in a carbon fibre protective shell and is capable of recording 4K video and 13MP photos and is currently retailing for just over R8k ($599), excluding delivery to South Africa ($39.95).

You can get up to 10 minutes of flying time depending on how you use Hover Camera Passport. Each sales box is shipped with 2 batteries so you’ll be able to enjoy up to 20 minutes of flight time.


Hover Camera Product Features:

  • 13 MP Photos & 4K Video: Capture and relive your memories in lifelike quality
  • Follow Your Face and Body: Tracks your face and body to always keep you in the picture, even on the go
  • Electronic Image Stabilization: Uses proprietary technology to intelligently and digitally stabilized photos and video, correcting camera shakes or jitters from the final footage
  • Release & Hover: As soon as you let go, Hover Camera will hover steady in place to allow you to quickly and easily capture any moment
  • Throw & Balance: Throw Hover Camera and it will intuitively balance itself for the best shot
  • Portable & Lightweight: At just 238 grams, below the FAA 250 gram Hobbyist Drone Registration weight limit, Hover Camera is portable and convenient to carry for any photo worthy moments
  • 360 Pano: Spinning while in a fixed position, Hover Camera captures 360 degrees of panoramic video footage
  • Self-Positioning: Using sonar and a ground facing camera, Hover Camera hovers in place so that it’s able to be positioned “anywhere” in space like an invisible tripod, even in windy conditions

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