Legendary Uber driver helped track down a woman’s missing car

Kelly du Plessis shared her unfortunate missing vehicle story in which she commends her Uber Hero for aiding her with recovering her vehicle. Her story has gone viral with close to 6k reactions and over 1k shares on Facebook.

This gentleman named Thabang works at Uber and was a complete hero for me yesterday!

I had a meeting in Pretoria cbd, and when I walked out, determined I had no car! It simply was not there anymore. I flagged down a police officer to tell him my car had been stolen but he said “no ma’am, it’s probably been towed! This is a diplomatic parking”. There was no sign and no road marking due to the construction, only those concrete barriers.

Anyway, my phone was flat so i went into charge it behind a counter of an office (helped kindly by security guards). They called around for me and determined that there was a few places where my car could be. I booked an uber and Thabang and his steed arrived.

He charged my phone in his car, and drove me around Pretoria cbd to find where my car was, stopping and asking metro along the way. When we reached the pound, he looked at me and said “ma’am it’s too dodgey here, I can’t let you go in alone!”

He politely walked me into the station, spoke to the officers in their own language, and determined my car was there. Thabang even argued my case for me and told them there was no signs etc up due to the construction etc.

He waited for me to get into my car and be let out the pound before driving off. He was an absolute gem and took away a lot of the stress and anxiety!

He was my hero yesterday.

Thank you Thabang.