10 Good Things That Happened In 2016

Mass shootings, terrorism, and general mayhem continue to dominate South African headlines. The South African political landscape is absolutely embarrassing. We’ve lost beloved cultural icons like Mandoza, Muhammad Ali, Prince and David Bowie, George Michael and Carrie Fisher to name just a few.

Here are 10 notable things that happened in 2016, in no particular order.

1.The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter

2.South African coreographer creates dance video hoping Meagan Trainor would see it. And she did, see her response.

3.Scientists found three genes linked to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), thanks to the $150 million raised through the phenomenally successful Ice Bucket Challenge!

4.Scientists figured out how to link robotic prosthetics with the part of the brain that deals with intent to move so people don’t have to think about how they will move their limb, it can just happen. Thanks to technological strides made by Hugh Herr and team.

5.Leonardo De Caprio won his first Oscar.

6.South African teenager won the Grand Prize at the international Google Science Fair

7. South Africans raised R400k for the SABC 8, they went on to win their case (excluding the one contractor) and Hlaudi Motsoeneng has recently become unemployed as a court ruled that he was not fit to hold his position. Hlaudi has today won the undesirable 2016 Sunday Times Mampara of the Year Award.

8.We were all inspired by the epic flight of this brave iguana as it escaped certain death.

9.South African heroin Thuli Madonsela won the prestigious Forbes Africa, Person of the Year Award.

10.And Ramsey Bolton got what he deserved in Game of Thrones 😉

There are certainly many more notable achievements but these are a little reminder that 2016 was not all doom and gloom.