Mini is giving away FREE cardboard virtual reality viewers

Mini is giving away FREE cardboard virtual reality viewers, for you to use with your smartphone!
All you have to do is visit their website complete the form and subscribe to receive communications from Mini and voilà, you can collect you very own VR cardboard viewer from the dealer of your choice.

“Live-action Virtual Reality is like a chemical bond between theatre and gaming.”
Gevorg Karensky, June 2015

This is what the viewer looks like


This is a great alternative to the paid headsets, big ups to Mini! NB: While stocks last and first come first served.

Alternatively, you could build your own with Google.

There is however a serious lack of VR (180°/360°) content on youtube. For the best experience get hold of some Ultra High Definition (UHD) VR videos, share links to content which you’ve found on the web in the comments section below.

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